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Here is my resume:

  • Curriculum Vitae  Jeffrey C. Gregory, Ph.D. 
  • Education/Licensure:    
  • Licensed as Psychologist in North Dakota April 9, 2007, License #397  Licensed as Psychologist in Minnesota March 2011, GL00018   
  • Ph.D.: Idaho State University Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program August 5, 2005 
  • Internship: Michael E. DeBakey Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center, Houston, Texas  Title of dissertation: Comparing forgiveness interventions: An extended group vs. a brief expressive writing exercise. 
  • Master of Science Degree: North Dakota State University GPA: 4.0. Teaching and research assistant  Title of thesis: Writing about a transgression reduces physical health symptoms regardless of writing instructions including religion or forgiveness.
  •  B.S.: North Dakota State University  Recognized as Most Outstanding Psychology Student –E.V. Estensen Award Teaching and research assistant  Graduated with honors Pre-Med. /Psychology major with extensive foundation in science coursework including physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, and statistics. Religion minor GPA: 3.89 
  • Psychology Related Work & Practice Experience:  Jeffrey C. Gregory Ph.D PC Fargo, ND, and Detroit Lakes, MN. Title: Licensed Psychologist for Private Practice Duties: Specialization in full psychological evaluations for parental capacity, adolescent; and adults, psychiatric and psychological conditions, consulting with law enforcement, education, and medical services. State of Minnesota Judicial Psychologist Examiner for mental health evaluations aiding in adjudication of individuals charged with an offense in which there is a question of competency or similar concerns. Populations served are children with anxiety, depression, specific fears (medical procedures, performance anxiety, test anxiety, etc.) ADHD, trauma, and/or behavior/opposisitional defiance problems. Also adults with acute and chronic mental illness and/or legal situations, children with oppositional disorders, and older adults with cognitive impairment or age-related adjustment issues, sexual trauma and war veteran trauma, and relationship counseling.
  • Benson Psychological Services 1308 23rd St S Ste G Fargo, ND 58103 February 2011-May 2012 Title: Licensed Psychologist for Private Practice Duties: Specialization in parental capacity focused full psychological evaluations for use in legal arenas, assessment and treatment of sex offenders, psychiatric and psychological conditions, consulting with law enforcement, education, and medical services. Populations served are adults with acute and chronic mental illness and/or legal situations, children with oppositional disorders, and older adults with cognitive impairment or age-related adjustment issues, war veteran trauma, and relationship counseling. 
  • Northeast Human Service Center North Dakota Department of Human Services Grand Forks, ND January 2007-May 2011 Title: Clinical Psychologist Duties: A member of multidisciplinary mental health care team in the Adult and Family service unit. Director of the Adult Sex Offender Treatment Program. Conduct assessment and treatment of individuals for mental health and legal concerns. Supervise interns and practicum students from the University of North Dakota Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program, and Forensic Psychology Program.
  • University of North Dakota Clinical Psychology Department Grand Forks, ND Jan1, 2010 to Present Adjunct Professor of Clinical Psychology Recognized for work training predoctoral students in the Clinical Psychology program. Duties: Training students to provide evidence-based psychotherapy and assessments of adults and adolescents.  
  • Fargo Veteran's Affairs Hospital – Adult outpatient mental health services, with primary focus on establishing community outpatient mental health clinics in Bismarck and Minot North Dakota.  Fargo, North Dakota June 2006-December 2006 Title: Clinical Psychologist Duties: Provided treatment of mental health issues for individuals, groups, and couples. Completed assessments over a wide range of domains including psychopathology, cognitive functioning, and specific personality disorders. Consulted with physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, and substance abuse program staff. Successfully implemented new mental health clinics in two remote locations. 
  • Prairie St. John’s Hospital  Fargo, North Dakota July 2005-June 2006 Title: Clinical Psychology Resident Duties: Provided individual, group and family therapy; psychopathology, cognitive and personality testing; and consultation with psychiatric and nursing services in the Adult Inpatient, Adult Partial Hospitalization, Pediatric Partial Hospitalization, and Pediatric Inpatient service lines. 
  • Brown, Nelson, Frank, Giles, and Associates in Forensic Clinical Psychology  Houston, Texas Fall 2004-July 2005 Title: Master’s level provider supervised by Jerome Brown, Ph.D. Duties: With the main focus on forensic psychology practice, performed psychological assessments of adolescents and adults, and provided a range of treatment with adults, adolescents and families. Assisted in assessment of client’s mental states to aid in criminal adjudication. Also assisted in sex offender treatment program for Harris County registered offenders.
  • Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center Houston, Texas Fall 2003 – Summer 2004 Position: Clinical Psychology Intern Duties: Assessment and treatment of adults and families.  Completed rotations in forensic psychology, geropsychology, vocational rehabilitation, neuropsychology, substance dependence treatment program, integrated mental health (chronic mental illness), and substance abuse/dependence consultation services to inpatient and outpatient general medicine.  Performed assessments in the various areas of concern for each rotation, and provided individual and group therapies.  Attended tri-weekly seminars in treatment, assessment, and diversity issues. 
  • Pocatello Family Medicine Pocatello, Idaho Fall 2002-Summer 2003 Position: Psychology Extern Duties:  Assessment and treatment of adolescents, adults, older adults, and families.  Performing evaluations for developmental disability services, workmen’s compensation, and various cognitive and neurological performances.  Assist with court-ordered designated examinations.  Provide psychological perspective to medical residents regarding psychological issues their patients face.  Attend grand rounds and assist research program designed to improve the rate of psychological inquiry by medical residents with patients.   Supervisor: Dr. John Dickey 
  • Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center Pocatello, Idaho Fall 2000 to Summer 2002 Position: Psychology extern Duties:  Psychology Staffing with Psychiatrist and Psychology/Medical Team, Intakes and Psychological Assessments (for treatment and requested by parole board), Consultation, and Psychological Interventions (DBT, CBT, Graduated Exposure Therapy for PTSD, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Grief and Marital Counseling). Supervisor: Dr. Linda Hatzenbuehler Idaho State University Psychology Clinic – 
  • Marital Therapy Team Position: Practicum student. Fall 2002, Spring 2003 Duties:  Provide assessment and skills building with couples.  Applying cognitive behavioral principles to marital therapy.  Supervisor: Dr. Crystal Dehle Idaho State University 
  • Psychology Clinic – Child/Family Treatment Team Pocatello, Idaho Position: Practicum student. Fall 2001, Spring 2002 Duties:  Provide assessment and skills building with parents and children.  Children presented with behavioral problems such as ODD, CD, and Disruptive Behavior.  Also performed evaluations for learning disabilities and general cognitive abilities. Supervisor: Dr. Mark Roberts 
  • Idaho State Hospital South: Unit GAD - Adults with severe mental illness   Pocatello, Idaho January to May 2001 Position:  Practicum student Duties: Planning and running weekly skills group class with patients presenting with Schizophrenia, Bi-polar Disorder, Substance Induced Dementia, Severe Depression; performing, scoring, and report writing of neuropsychological/cognitive assessment. Assisted in treatment-planning meetings with staff psychiatrist and multidisciplinary Team.   Supervisors: Dr. Nels Sather, Dr. Mark Roberts Idaho State University Psychology Clinic – 
  • General psychopathology/Substance abuse team. Fall 2000, Spring 2001 Pocatello, Idaho Position: Practicum student Duties:  Provide assessment and therapy for adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, and/or substance related problems.  Also performed evaluations of learning disabilities for the Idaho State University ADA office. Supervisors: Dr. Tony Cellucci, Dr. Peter Vik 
  • North Dakota State University Counseling and Disability Services Fall 1999, Spring 2000 Fargo, North Dakota Position: Clinical Intern   Duties: Assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment of university students and staff with psychological and adjustment difficulties.   Supervisor: Marlys Borkhuis, M.Ed., Dr. Ronni Arensberg, Psy.D. 
  • North Dakota State University Psychology Department Depression Clinic: Spring, Fall 1999, Spring 2000 Position: Clinical Psychology Trainee  Duties: Assessment and treatment of adults with depression.  Member of the team which re-introduced the clinic and developed the client treatment protocol. Supervisor: Dr. Paul Rokke 
  • Clay County Residence Incorporated Summer, Fall 1999, Spring 2000 Moorhead, Minnesota Position: Crisis Responder Team  Duties: Dispatched by Psychologist on staff to assist clients at home who were in crisis due to suicidal actions/thoughts, or extreme behavioral problems.  Responsible for returning client to safe level or for hospitalization when necessary. Supervisor: Dr. Joel Bakken 
  • Hotline January 1997 – May 2000 Fargo, ND Position: Peer Facilitator  Duties:  Trainer - train and evaluate new volunteers on crisis intervention and telephone procedures. Team Builder - disseminate information about procedural changes and            upcoming training to a team of 10-12 new and veteran volunteers. Aided community individuals that were either in crisis or in need of referrals to support agencies.  Hotline is a United Way agency, and represents various other agencies such as Suicide Line, Rape and Abuse Crisis center, and several mental health agencies. 
  • Research Experience  Fall 2002-Summer 2005 Dissertation: Comparing forgiveness interventions: An extended group vs. a brief expressive writing exercise. Designed two treatment protocols following Dr. Everett Worthington’s REACH model of forgiveness and compared for time-dose effects.  Also measured several mental and physical health outcomes as a function of forgiveness, including cortisol as an index of sustained physiological arousal.  
  •  Fall 2000, Spring 2001 Utilized one-on-one Motivational Enhancement Therapy techniques with teenagers arrested for cigarette smoking.  We also tested the psychometric properties of several stage of change measures and co-authored journal article on the project. 
  • Fall 1999, Spring 2000.   Recruited and ran participants for several studies researching the physiological, physical, and mental health effects of expressive writing as an intervention for PTSD, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, grieving on anniversary dates, and hassles and uplifts. 
  • Fall 1998, Spring 1999, Summer, Fall 1999 Ran participants in a study focused on depression in adults and how depression affects working memory.  I also helped to design a computer program with ERTS programming language to test attention deficits related to depressive content response tasks and attentional blink.  I also helped develop on-line questionnaires and other web-based data collection methods.  
  • Spring 1995-Summer 1997.   Recruited and ran subjects in several studies involving older adults, which focused on memory and conversational discourse. 
  • Fall 1997, Spring 1998.   Ran a study focused on the serial order of psychoanatomical performance in depth perception.  It tested retinal disparity and motion parallax (which occurs first) as cues to depth perception.  Used computer- aided tachistoscopic presentation of dots as stimuli. 
  • Spring, Summer 1997, Fall 1998, and Spring 1999 Trained mentally handicapped women in group-homes on sexual abuse avoidance using a Stop-Go-Tell protocol. 
  • Spring, Summer 1997. Entered data for the Red River flood survey on resource loss, testing Hobfall’s Conservation of Resources model.   
  • Honors and Awards 
  • McNair Scholars Program Merit Award. Presented in recognition of academic achievement at annual TRIO Programs banquet, May 2006. 
  • NDSU Psychology Department 1997 E.V. Estensen Award.   The faculty presents this award each year to a psychology major judged the outstanding major of the year.  Criteria include demonstrated excellence in academic work, interest in performance of research and participation in departmental activities and organizations. 
  • Phi Kappa Phi Member.  1996-present. This honorary membership recognizes the scholarly performance of students in the top 5% of their class. 
  • NDSU Psychology Department 1995 Sophomore Academic Achievement Award. This award is given to the sophomore psychology student with the highest overall GPA. 
  • NDSU College of Science and Mathematics Award of Excellence.  1995, 1996, 1997, 1998.  This award recognizes excellence in Science and Mathematics coursework and is given by the parent department to the Psychology Department. 
  • Deans List, NDSU.  1995, 1996, 1997. This award is given to students who achieve a semester GPA of 3.50 or greater.  As an undergraduate, received this award seven out of eight semesters. 
  • NDSU Psychology Department Chair’s List.  1995, 1996, 1997. This award recognizes excellence in psychology coursework and overall GPA. 
  • NDSU Psychology Department Research Funding Award. 1996, 1999. My Honor and Master’s theses were granted funding for all recruiting, testing materials and participants’ honoraria. 
  • Ronald McNair Scholarship.  1996, 1997, 1998. This scholarship is awarded to underrepresented groups and first generation college students (my designation) that show promise in research and the pursuit of Ph.D. degrees in various fields of study. 
  • Religion Department Award of Excellence.  1995,1996,1997,1998. Recipients of this award are recognized for superior coursework in religion and promise in academia. Idaho State University Graduate School Given a non-resident tuition waiver in recognition of academic excellence and promise. 
  • F.O. Eagles Scholarship.  1995. The local Fraternal Order of Eagles awards local students who have a superior GPA and show promise of future contribution to the community. 
  • Laverne Noyes Scholarship.  1995, 1999, 2000. This scholarship is awarded to descendants of World War I Veterans.  The nomination for this award is made by the University on behalf of outstanding students. 
  • Arvid Scherling Religious Studies Scholarship.  1995. This scholarship recognizes critical and analytic thinking in religion coursework.  It is given to the student who shows the most promise in religion coursework and academia in general. 
  • J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award for Excellence in Volunteer Work.  1997. This award recognized the efforts of Hotline volunteers in their response to the devastating floods in the region.      
  • Professional Affiliations 
  • American Psychological Association: Student Affiliate 1997-2007, Member 2007-present.   
  • Idaho Psychology Association Student Sector Representative. 
  • Fall 2001 to Spring 2003. Duties: Team leader for awarding Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award in Idaho.  Recruited applicants from local businesses, Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club, and Idaho Small Business Center.  Led interview team charged with assessing psychological health of the workplace of local business employees.  Organized poster presentation for undergraduate and graduate students.  Developed mentorship program between community psychologists and graduate students.  Recruited new members and developed role of student sector representative.   
  • AABT student member: Fall 2002 – 2005. AABT student SIG member: Fall 2001- 2005. 
  • Midwest Psychological Association: 1999- 2002. 
  • Idaho State University Psychology Graduate Student Association: Fall 2000, Spring 2001.  Appointed to the Committee on Accreditation.  Provided written departmental self-study materials for the accreditation committee, and the subsequent site visit by the representatives of the 
  • American Psychological Association.  Social Committee Chairman: Fall 2001, Spring 2002.  Duties: Plan social events, develop fund raising events, plan meetings, and assist in budget allocation. Psi Chi: President 1997-1998 NDSU school years.  Responsible for running the monthly meetings and the organization of the annual induction ceremony.  Recruited new members by solicitation following qualification and ceremonial procedures detailed by the Washington Psi Chi office. 
  • Psychology Club: 1995-1998.  Vice President, past Treasurer, NDSU.  Responsible for preparing meeting agendas, fund raising, member and speaker recruitment, designing a budget/ledger system for accounting purposes, and organizing twice-yearly tours to the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute in Fargo. 
  • Religious Studies Club, NDSU: President and Co-Founder, 1996-1998.  Club discussed various philosophical, theological, and moral/ethical issues of the past and        present. Organized a nine-member multi-denominational clergy discussion panel held in the NDSU Century Theater. 
  • Teaching Experience/Psychology Department Tasks 
  • Fall 1997, Spring 1998, Spring 1999, Spring 2000 Teaching Assistant to Dr. Mark Nawrot in Psychology 465/Psychobiology.   Duties: prepare, proctor, and correct tests, run pre-test study sessions, maintain office hours, and report grades via spreadsheet.  Responsible for preparing sheep brains and cow eyes for class laboratory assignments and examinations.  Lectured on the anatomy of the eye and taught the lab class on cow eye dissection.  Met with students to discuss their performance and study strategies. 
  • Fall 1998, Fall 1999 Teaching Assistant to Dr. Mark Nawrot in Psychology 350: Research Methods.  Duties: office hours, test preparation, proctoring, correcting, pre-test study sessions, grade reporting, and lecture class on occasion.  Met with students for tutoring, and to discuss their performance and study strategies. 
  • Spring 2000 Teaching Assistant to Dr. Mary Hunt in Psychology 213: Developmental Psychology.   Duties: Grading and grade reporting. Tutor for Student Support Services, tutoring students of Social Psychology. 
  • Proctor for Psychology Licensure examination, supervised by Dr. Ray Miltenberger. Academic/registration advisor for incoming freshman.  
  • Psychology Department representative/recruiter for NDSU Clinical Psychology Master’s  program at the Red River Psychological Association Spring Conference. 
  • Scholarship Publications 
  • Gregory, J.C., (2012). (Manuscript in Preparation). Writing about a transgression lowers physical health symptoms regardless of writing instructions including religion or forgiveness. 
  • Exline, J. J., Gregory, J., Hockemeyer, J., Smyth, J. M. & Tulloch, H (2005). Religious framing by PTSD patients when writing about traumatic experiences. International Journal for the Psychology of Religion, 15, 17-34.  
  • Stephens, S., Cellucci, T. & Gregory, J. (2004).  Comparing stage of change measures in adolescent smokers.  Addictive Behaviors, 29(4), 759-764.  
  • Gould, O.N., McDonald-Miszczak, L., Gregory, J. (1999). Prediction accuracy and medication instructions: Will you remember tomorrow?  Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition, 6(2), 141-154.  (Based on Honor’s Thesis).     Research Presentations   
  • Gregory, J.C., (2006, April). Comparing forgiveness interventions: An extended group vs. a brief expressive writing exercise. Poster presentation at the 20th Annual Red River Psychology Conference, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND.  
  • Gregory, J.C., (2002, November). Forgiveness-focused expressive writing task reduces Physical health symptoms when writers draw on religious beliefs. Poster presentation at the Association for the Advancement of Behavioral Therapy Annual Conference, Reno, NV.  
  • Gregory, J.C., (2002, April). Writing task predicts better physical health regardless of  writing instruction including religion and forgiveness.  Poster presentation at the Idaho State Psychological Association Annual Conference, Sun Valley, Idaho. 
  • Gregory, J.C., (2002, April). Explaining the relationship between health and religiosity.  Poster presentation at the Idaho State University Research Forum.  
  • Stephens, S., Gregory, J., & Cellucci, T. (2001, November). Comparing stages of change Measures with adolescent smokers.   Poster presentation at the AABT Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA.  
  • Gregory, J.C., (2001, May). Physical and mental health effects of writing about traumatic experiences.  Poster presentation at the Idaho State University Research Forum. 
  • Gregory, J.C., (1999, May). Religious framing: God models and writing about traumatic experiences by PTSD patients.  Oral presentation at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference, Chicago, IL. 
  • Gregory, J.C. (2000, May).  Forgiving transgressions: Because God said so.  Oral  Presentation at the North Dakota State University Research Forum. (Based on my Master’s Thesis). 
  • Gregory, J.C. (2000, December).  Physical and mental health benefits from writing about Forgiving transgressions.  Class lecture for Advanced Social Psychology, Idaho  State University. (Based on my Master’s Thesis). 
  • Gould, O.N., McDonald-Miszczak, & Gregory, J. (1999, November).  Predicting recall of medication instructions.  In O.N. Gould (Chair), Beliefs and attitudes about forgetting.  Symposium of the Gerontological Society of America, San Francisco, CA.  (Based on my Honor’s Thesis). 
  • Gregory, J.C., Jennifer Reichenberg, Holly Hegstad, Paul Rokke (1998, March).   Depression and working memory.  Poster presented at the 14th Annual Red River Psychology Conference, Moorhead State University; Moorhead, MN.    
  • Gregory, J.C. (1998, April).  Psychoanatomy of disparity and motion perception.  Poster presented at the 13th Annual Red River Psychology Conference, Concordia  College, Moorhead MN.    
  • Osborn, C., Grove, S., Gregory, J., & Gould, O. (1998, April).  Delayed free recall performance in older and younger adults.  Poster presented at the 13th Annual  Red River Psychology Conference, Concordia College, Moorhead MN. 
  • Gregory, J.C. (1998, May).  Predicting delayed recall: Metamemory in adulthood.  Honor’s thesis oral presentation at McNair Scholar Undergraduate Research Symposium, North Dakota State University. 
  • Gregory, J.C., & Gould, O.N.  (1997, August).  Predicting delayed recall: Metamemory in adulthood.  Honor’s thesis poster presentation at McNair Scholar Undergraduate Research Symposium, University of California at Irvine. 
  • Gregory, J.C., & Gould, O.N.  (1996, April).  Self-disclosures by older adults with varied partners.  Poster presented at the Red River Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Fargo, ND.   
  • Saum, C., Shaleen, L., Nicolai, C., Gregory, J.C., Walkinshaw, J., & Gould, O.N.  (1996, October).  Collaborative strategies of older women.  Poster presented at the North Dakota Psychological Association Meeting, Grand Forks, North Dakota. 
  • Past employment  
  • 1981-1993 Regional Manager, Big Sur Waterbeds (Now Furniture Row), Denver, Co. Duties:  As a regional manager was responsible for designing training, inventory, competitive, and legal programs for 4-5 stores achieving yearly sales of several million dollars. Trained others in effective motivational skills, employer-employee relationships, inventory management/loss prevention, merchandising, competitive strategies, and computer operation. Top salesperson and original store manager of highest producing  store in company for over five years. 
  • Extracurricular Activities/Certifications 
  • Certified PADI and NAUI advanced scuba diver.  Certified for ocean/beach and boat entries in Maui, Hawaii 1991, 1998. 
  • Certified Heart Saver Plus and standard first aid by American Heart Association. 
  • I also enjoy family, guitar, fishing, golf, cooking, woodworking, household repair, and classic cars. 
  • References 
  • Linda Hatzenbuehler, Ph. D., ABFB, ABPP Dean of the College of Health Professions Box 8090, Idaho State University  Pocatello, Idaho 83209   
  • Jennie Frissell, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist Prairie St. John’s Hospital Fargo, ND 58103 701-476-7200 
  • Thomas R. Anderson, Ph.D.  Psychology Training Director Michael E. DeBakey Veteran’s Hospital 2002 Holcombe Blvd,  Houston, TX 77030-4298 713-791-1414 
  • Anthony Kerrigan, Ph. D. Asst. Training Director Michael E. DeBakey Veteran’s Hospital 2002 Holcombe Blvd,  Houston, TX 77030-4298 713-791-1414

Recent News

Dr. Gregory just completed training in pediatric hypnosis by the National Pediatric Hypnosis Training Institute.  Hypnosis is an evidence-based treatment supported by well-designed scientific studies for a variety of pediatric health conditions — acute and chronic, mental and physical. We would refer you to a 2014 journal article by NPHTI co-founders and co-directors Drs. Dan Kohen and Pamela Kaiser, for a comprehensive overview of these applications.  

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